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They smell so good, literally the most perfect balance of scent combinations!

Tiara P.

Restore is the best Whipped Body Butter Ever! Period!!!

Jordyn C.

Burned them last night for my bubble bath, you did your thing!! The smell was just right not to strong or overwhelming

Owner of Tapanga`s Touch

I purchased Hidden Rhodes, it was definitely worth the price! I burned my candle for 4 hours and my entire home upstairs and downstairs held the amazing scent

Richie B.

Omg Hi Hunny is my absolute favorite! I have literally burned this candle every day for the last few weeks! Slow burn and amazing scent!

Olympia W.

That pineapple sage got me tripping omg. That`s my fav scent forreal! Well that and Sundaze are my all time favs

Ashley C.